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Welcome to my very first post on my very first blog. Allow me to introduce myself and my plan for future posts.

Princess Imperfect. My brand new pen name was carefully thought out, and describes me pretty well.

Princess is because I am the boss in my household…even though my husband likes to think he is. My kids treat me with respect…most of the time. I am a little…as in BDSM little…but we’ll talk about this more later. Finally, I am a child of God and since God is the King of everything, well, that makes me a princess.

I am not perfect. By definition that makes me Imperfect. I make mistakes. I apologize to people…even my kids. I have a temper…and I sometimes explode. I speed. I cuss…even though I shouldn’t. My house would never be featured in a magazine…it’s cluttered all. The. Time.

So, I am calling myself Princess Imperfect. It fits me like Cinderella’s glass slipper fits her foot.

So why start blogging now?

  • Because I have stories about my life that I feel need to be shared
    • about finding God
    • about being married
    • about raising kids in today’s world
    • about juggling my responsibilities
    • about finding myself
  • Because I have advice to give:
    • about living the life God wants
    • about married life
    • about raising kids today
    • about juggling responsibilities
    • about being true to yourself
  • Because even though I have wanted to start a blog for a few years now, it never felt like the right time until now.
  • And as a joke to a very close friend:
    • because COVID!

Some of my posts will be stories. Some will be advice. Some posts will be serious. Some will make you laugh. It is my hope that my stories will be relatable and that my advice will be useful to someone. Please remember that I am not perfect, that we are all individuals, that this is my perspective, and that I am not a professional (advice-wise).

I am going to post about my life: things I have done or dreamed about, ways I have grown or stagnated, and my wins and failures. I plan to talk about God and Christianity as well as BDSM. I have stories about not going straight to college after high school and stories about being an older student as well as dropping out of college. I have stories about life with infants, toddlers, kids and teens. I have stories about kids that aren’t my own.

My most sincere hope and prayer is that I can help at least one person. If I can make just one person’s life better with this blog, then it will all be worth it.

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