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No. My table doesn’t ever look that fancy. Heck, my turkey doesn’t even look that fancy…or that small. I have cooked a 20 lb bird every year for 15 years. There was one year I cooked 2 birds – 1 to share and 1 to save. That was a waste of time and energy as the meat went bad during a power outage. Live and learn, right?

Tomorrow morning marks my 16th bird. I am so sincerely tired of making the turkey. Just one year I’d like to have the easy job…rolls and cranberry sauce and I don’t know what else is easy, but that too. No Drinks don’t count – those are usually BYO anyway. Heck, I’d settle for being in charge of all the sides. That would still be easier than making the turkey.

Over the years I have used different recipes. My family’s favorite is the maple-roasted turkey recipe I claimed as my own. I originally got it from a magazine when my daughter was still an infant. I prepared it annually for over 10 years. It uses citrus and onion and other seasonings in the body cavaties with a maple glaze on the outside. But as finances have gotten tighter each year, I have had to abandon old faithful.

This year I am trying a recipe I found in another magazine. This one is using a dry brine…or in other words a rub. There is also a sweet and spicy glaze that will go on the outside toward the end of cooking.

I hope this recipe turns out well and that my family enjoys it. What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

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