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I come to you this week without a planned post. Not because I don’t have anything of value to share, but because this week has been busy. And then this morning I woke up sick. So I have no planned post. And I am sick.

2020 is not the year to get sick. A simple head cold will have you banned from work either for 2 weeks or until you can produce a negative COVID test. A simple sore throat will have people backing away. Forget having a headache.

I woke up this morning with a mild headache and a bad sore throat. Aboji has taken care of me and gotten me things like jello. Dada blames a lack of sleep because I wasn’t able to sleep on Wednesday night. Meanwhile I have whined and complained and slept nearly all day.

Aboji is disappointed because he has the night off and wanted to go out on a date. We would probably be out right now if I hadn’t woken up sick today. I can hope and pray that I wake up in the morning and everything is fine again, and we can go on a date before the youngest gets back from his dad’s in the morning, but it’s not likely.

This is about the time in the year that I get sick. I get an upper respiratory infection every year. I was unsure about getting it this year because I quit smoking. But apparently I’ll get sick this year anyway. Then again, I’ve smoked since quitting. This year will just have to be anyone’s guess.

I’m hoping to wake up in the morning feeling better and this will just have been a day where I snored too much the night before causing my sore throat, the weather got cold again, and my allergies went haywire causing my headache. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, stay healthy friends!

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